In business if you can find a way to provide something faster, cheaper and better than your competition eventually you will become the leader, and others will be competing against you.

A good example of this is

Before Amazon, most books were sold in a bookshop, and as a result there was a limited amount of space to store those books and a limited radius of potential customers.

However Amazon decided to stock their books in a giant warehouse and sell them over the Internet. Because they were no longer limited by space or location, they could now offer a greater selection of books, at a lower cost and to more people.

This one simple idea gave Amazon the advantage and made them a success in what was already a competitive market. They are now the leaders in their field.

Like Amazon, your ability to generate new ideas and think of new ways to do something, will be an extremely important factor in determining the level of success you achieve

Remember, all you have to be is a little bit better than someone else, and if you can think of ways to do this, you will succeed in virtually any endeavor you undertake.